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Making a reservation and cancelling it

Before making a reservation see our Campsite info to read more about booking, rental and cancellation terms and check the Price list.

Booking options

Booking can be made by phone, e-mail or booking form. Learn more about these options lower on this page.

Payment in advance

Once we have received your booking information either by phone, e-mail or via the reservation form on this page, we'll send you an invoice and instructions for payment either by email or by mail. Our international bank account number can be found on this page below.

When you book a cottage/caravan site/tent site in advance, we will confirm your reservation by sending you a booking confirmation only after you have paid the reservation fee, which is usually a one-day accommodation price. Advance payment is deducted from the final bill. Total accommodation price has to be paid two (2) weeks prior to arrival, unless otherwise agreed.

Payment of accommodation without advance booking

If you arrive without a reservation or you book your cottage/caravan site/tent site so late that you don't have time to pay in advance, accommodation price for cottages will be paid upon arrival. The caravan and tent sites will also be paid on arrival, if you know how many nights you are going to stay. Otherwise, the payment will be made on departure.

Payment of services and activities

Other services and activities will be paid in the café.

Cancellation of the reservation

You can cancel the confirmed reservation and get paid fees back in accordance with booking, rental and cancellation terms.

International bank account number

IBAN: FI04 5271 2120 0691 22


To make a booking call mobile +358 400 754 835 (in summertime you can also call mobile +358 40 3540 975) or send an e-mail to: info [at]

When making a booking, please supply the following information:
• Your name and contact information (address, telephone number, e-mail address)
• Number of guests (adults/children under the age of 12)
• Type of accommodation (cottage, camping vehicle, tent)
• Day and expected time of arrival and day and expected time of departure

Reservation form

You can also send your reservation using the form below. NB! You can send only a preliminary reservation via this form. The reservation will be confirmed only after you have paid the reservation fee and received our reservation confirmation. See more information in the top of the page.

Fields marked with * are mandatory.

First name and last name: *

E-mail: *

Billing method (e-mail or mail) when booking accommodations in advance:

Organization or company:


Phone number:

Arrival date and time of arrival:

The cottages and the camping area at the earliest at 16. An earlier arrival possible by separate agreement.

Departure date and time of departure:

The cottages at the latest at 12, the camping area at the latest at 15. A later departure possible by separate agreement.

Which cottages do you want to book (Eedeninranta, Keväthanki, Kevätjää or 1-3 B&B cottages):

How many caravan sites do you want to book (with electricity or without electricity):

How many tent sites do you want to book (with electricity or without electricity):

Alternative accommodation if preferred booking option is not available:

Number of adults and children over 12 years:

Number of children under 12 years:

Number of babies/toddlers (sleeping in a baby cot at free of charge):

What free children equipment do you need (baby cot, feeding chair, bathtub, potty):

Pets (which animal and number of animals):

Breakfast order (number of adults/children and the dates when you want to order the breakfast):

Breakfast is served in the café and you need to book it beforehand. Payment is made in the café. Breakfast can also be booked on site, that is, it does not necessarily need to be booked in advance using this form. B & B cottages do not need a separate order, the breakfast is included in the price and will be collected from the café either in the morning or in the evening. Tell us any food allergies below if you book B & B cottages.

Food allergies (which allergy and number of adults/children):

Other orders (bed linen, final cleaning, lakeside sauna or wood-fired sauna, a particular service or activity, etc.):

Tell the service and the activity you wish to book, on what day and at what time. We will ensure the availability of services and activities separately at the same time we will send you payment instructions. Services and activities will be paid in the café. Services and activities can also be booked on site, that is, they do not necessarily need to be booked in advance using this form.







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